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Onus Films is a division of The Onus Group (Pty) Ltd, a content creation leader providing innovative story centered entertainment solutions and concepts. 

The company was launched in 2015 and since its inception we have been committed to creative excellence, honing talent and promoting artistic freedom. Over the years we are still committing to explore creativity, telling stories that have a positive influence in our communities and in turn the continent. Onus Films currently offers television production, graphics, and video editing, photography and video production.”


Living in a world where more than 50% of searches are now on a mobile device, we ensure all our WordPress websites are fully optimized across all modern mobile devises. See some of our recent projects below


How are you planning on integrating your video content? Times have been changing, your prospects can feel it too. Audiences want more video, more often, and the key to remaining relevant is to create regular content that can be distributed across multiple channels in easy to follow, shareable chunks. Get in touch today and let us help you intergrate your video content.



Get your headshots done effortlessly and efficiently. All at the comfort of your offices, book for your team or the whole office. Quality photos to use on your website or publications.

We Build Sites that are:

User Focused

Our designs put your visitors at the center, giving them the best experience possible and created specifically for their needs. We ensure your customers have a great time using your new website.

Lead Generators

We know that your website needs to perform for a range of users and we put accessibilty at the forefront of our design and development.

Cross platform

The likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple control the browsers we all use on a daily basis. We build all websites to work perfectly in all browsers on any size screen, ensuring your audience always see the best of you.

On trend

Our design team are constantly researching what’s on-trend in design, both in
web and in the wider design world. Bringing these trends and new ideas to your
website keep you current.

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