In a Nutshell

Onus Films is a division of The Onus Group (Pty) Ltd, a content creation leader providing innovative story centered entertainment solutions and concepts. The company was launched in 2015 and since its inception we have been committed to creative excellence, honing talent and promoting artistic freedom. Over the years we are still committing to explore creativity, telling stories that have a positive influence in our communities and in turn the continent. 

Onus Films currently offers television production, graphics, and video editing, web development and photography

How can we help you today?

Our goal as your photographer is to mindfully create photos with artistic intent, without loosing the natural essence of a moment. 

When you book a Onus photographer, your photos will be full of life! For us, being friendly, approachable and empathetic is just as important as our technical approach to making photos. 

Our approach is on the story centered, we believe that story has connected humans for decades and any effective film is based on a good story.

Our team consists of seasoned marketers, producers who will help you address the biggest ask of your Video: 

Who’s your video project aimed at and what’s the impact you want to make?

/web dev

Our core belief as an agency is help businesses get the most  out of their online investment. We design and build stunning bespoke websites. 

We offer expert advise to help you build an online presence. Affordable, quality web services that you can trust.